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How We Benefit You

How We Benefit You
Real estate note investing allows you to collect monthly income without managing tenants or maintaining property.

It's a hassle free, hands-off opportunity to generate monthly income, secured by sizable equity in a property.

We offer minimum headaches with maximum returns.

We will provide you with all the support documentation:
  • Property valuation details
  • Property details

  • Property acquisition worksheet showing how we arrived at our numbers and cash needs

Our closing attorneys have the paperwork that allows us to borrow money from you as well as the paperwork for you to lend your money to us that gives you maximum protection. They handle all the legal documents, making the process easy.

Is becoming a PARTNER with us an opportunity that's right for you?
- What are the rewards and risks?
- How are you protected?
- What is the profit potential?
- How exactly does it work?

Contact Us Today!...And Get the Answers You Need
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USA Affordable Housing Partners
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Partner Information for Oct 2022
"I appreciate the opportunity to invest and earn above average returns with AHPG."

Lance Morgan

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