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The Choice is Yours
You CAN control your investments in your retirement and investment accounts!

You do have a choice!

Stay in the Stock Market
  • Guess at the next wave

  • Hope for the best

  • Gamble on the future

  • Have no control

Or, Loan in Well-Secured Real Estate Notes
  • Know the collateral

  • Know your borrower

  • See the details

  • Make your own decisions

  • Be in control of your future

  • Decide the return you wish to have

  • Eliminate concern for macro economics
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USA Affordable Housing Partners
USA Housing Solutions, Inc
2870 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 474
Atlanta, GA 30305
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Sell Your House in 7 Days or Less!
You Can Own Your Own Home!

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Partner Information for Feb 2020
"I decided to fund the purchase because the house would serve as collateral for my money."

Kevin Phelps

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